Artistic effects on canvas

All canvas prints, produced here in Artivity, extra oils can be applied in order to both artistically upgrade and strengthen the final product against dust and sunlight. This step is optional. Printed canvas, even without extra oils, is a complete and beautiful artwork.

However, Artivity studio is driven to create something better, inspired to achieve something more.

Oils for canvas prints are twofold, and explained in detail:

Single varnish

We apply a single varnish on the printed canvas. This extremelly thin layer, add a very light shinny effect which is canvas and visual friendly. Also, this layer strengthens printed colors and improves contrast, making colors more vivid. Furthermore, due to the fact that printed canvas is no more in direct contact with the air but protected by a thin layer, canvas is protected by environmental factors like moisture, smoke, dust and it is more easy to clean the surface. At this point, we should note that this layers also protect canvas from minor schraches.

Multiple varnish
(varnish brush effect)

This is an extra step, to achieve even more artistic effect. Canvas, after being printed is applied multiple layers of high quality oils. These, produce a brush effect, equivalent to the one of hand-artists. Specialised for art work, high standarts of color clarity that can achieve high quality brush effect. For this reason, when applied, we follow the lines of the printed art and the mood of the artist. Always in a balance of quality and quantity, to achieve best results towards the original masterpiece.

So, even you want to have an artistic effect on your canvas, you can come to atelier

Our aim in perfection in combination with specialised personnel guarantee best results. Canvases before being stretched, are placed in a controlled and dust-free environment in order to apply oils. All work is hand-made. In a world of technology, we found a way to combine quality with evolution and artist's love.

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