We offer a fine selection of art, posters, frames and the ability to create your own unique frame in any stretchered canvas or poster with or without frame.

In all products have top quality and supported by excellent service. The sales department will always here for any inquiry, and give you preview of the result.


Each image can be digitally printed on canvas. So acquires artistic style and becomes a painting of art. The creation of a painting on canvas, is a separate process of many steps that need special attention, and selected materials. Only thus can have the perfect performance.


The poster (or posters or photography), is printed with high resolution on quality paper producing the vividness of colors. But based on the poster you can create through numerous options beautiful frames, choosing to place the photo frame, but without paper or margin.


In the construction part on the artistic decoration, we offer a variety of matching frame profile. You can combine them with canvas or poster, but you can choose only frame (if you already have the printed image).

Print your photos

All the quality, rigor, our knowledge on the poster painting reproductions and within your reach! For your own photos. Truly you can do more than you can imagine with your own photos. Print Now in whatever format you like. With us you will have the best result.


Increase final product with extra proccessing steps. Their implementation and completion, made after the selection and performance of the subject on canvas or photographic paper. Our creative department knows the way and the steps to be followed to produce a uniquely beautiful effect. Select proccessing steps to give something extra to your project.


Stretchered canvas

You do not need to select it separately. Our canvases are stretchered in a manner that ensures:

  • The perfect and uniform stretch
  • The stability over time
  • The perfect integration, to the sides around the table to avoid leaving unprinted material. Thus, the canvas can be hung on the wall even without a frame, giving a sense of the painting artwork!

Trust the hands of our craftsmen. We know how to stretcher observing all the rules, but we have something else. Our work and experience complemented by the best material for wood canvas. We gave a special consideration to this wood. Must be strong, to avoid warping, not to be insulted by woodworm. We covered everything and 100% effective:

  • Strong and durable: chose pine wood. Comes in original bars trimeter of which is the cutting of parts of the canvas in any size you wish.
  • Do not warp: The pine except a sturdy resists warping. But because it has knots, if we used without special treatment will create issues in cutting the frame parts. For this, it has been pre-processed and where callus is cut in advance. However to prevent warping, it needs something else: each rod is not a continuous wood. It is composed of individual segments that are put together. This composite rod is more resilient and absolutely straight both in its original packaging and in the course, that will host your canvas that will be located on your wall! We have the best product and for the best result we choose the composite timber that ensures us the best frame!
  • Not ingected by woodworm: This contains pine resin, which is a natural disinfectant, coherently and simultaneously repels woodworm and damp. Our frame is not affected and does not need soaking in chemical antifungal. So this is absolutely environmentally friendly, and suitable for your interior space.


Artistic touch

Digital reproduction can also accept additional varnishes/oils. Oils are not necessary. You can easily obtain it and without them. However any additional proccess, is intended and gives value to the above results. There are two types of coating:

  • Single smooth varnish: The canvas printed once passed by a special artistic glaze adds protection and slightly raises the contrast.
  • Multiple oils (artistic brushed effect):Printed canvas, accepts multiple layers of varnish. The coatings are applied sequentially and have light relief effect that simulates the brush strokes.

You can see more information about the artistic varnishes by clicking here.


Poster protection

We can do coating poster by filming matte, glossy or textured canvas. This treatment is combined with the framing. When applying the film on the poster, we can automatically bypass the window. Avoiding mosque, mounting a framed work has significantly advantages concerning both safety and durability.

Additional options for your canvas

A) Canvas with single frame : For those who wish the above, and add a frame. Add prestige and beauty to your favorite image!

B) Canvas with double frame: With this option you can place a double frame. First select the basic outer frame that dominates and defines the style you want. After you put an intermediate internal frame that interpolates between the canvas and the main outer frame. This gives a more beautiful effect on your frame. As internal one, it can be used very thin frame in gold or silver to give pleasant intermediate outline.

C) Double canvas: Make now a frame with double canvas. The normal stretchered subject, placed on a larger canvas that serves as a back background and protrudes circumferentially (circumferential proposed margin is 5 centimeters). In this way ie receive a composite frame. The main canvas, which clicks on another crates which operates as a background and can have that desired color. The canvas is mounted firmly on the back and comes ready to be mounted

D) Canvas with frame widths : In ARTIVITY, you can now choose your favorite canvas to have back frame. That canvas rests on a broad frame, not the surrounds, but sits like a background. It is the most original composition that you'll love. We have special wide frames on which he can press the main frame and create the most exquisite table. The final frame comes fully assembled in your hands and ready to be hung on your wall.


Image proccessing, free of charge

Special graphic designer department undertakes editing of your photos, or generally original image.

Preview, free of charge

Send us a photo of your space and see how final product will look within your own room.


You can send us photos of your place and receive images to images/previews that we believe fit best.

Free search issues / construction layouts / composition

Ask us a question you would like describe our general if you would like eg landscape, mountain, city, etc Sea Surface. Tell us shades or whatever feature you like. Our creative team will search for you and suggest images to choose from. We even suggest combinations, alterations in leaflets, or find the whole visual concept if you want to decorate with unified style your home, a workplace, hotel, entertainment center etc.