Artistic oils

We use top quality of canvas material, and inks of high quality towards artistic use. However, while without any further proccess you have a quality product, we can fullfill even more your needs.

Single oil
(for protection against damages)

After digital printing, we apply a single layer of artistic oil. A special layer that can protect even more your product. This layer is a really thin film applied by experienced personnel onto the canvas surface. As a result, canvas is more protected against environmental changes, dust, smoke and moisture. Your product can be easilly cleaned, and can withstand minor scratches. Furthermore, color contrast increases and give a light feeling of depth.

Multiple varnish oils
(brush effect)

Ultimate surprise. An artistic approach for your product. Continue readinf and learn more about our brush effect. Canvas is places on a inclined surface. Experienced personnel starts working on your canvas by hand, applying multiple and consecutive oils. In a dust free room works on your canvas to add a third dimension. It is a long proccess where each layer must fully dry in order to proceed to the next one. Brush effect trues to follow your selected image and the initial artists mood. While brush effect is for artistic purposes, it also has the advantages of single layer oil and its protection.


Protection film on poster

Whenever you select an image to be printed on quality poster paper, with or without a surrounding frame, you have the following options for both extra protection and beauty.

Lamination on mdf has the following proccessing steps, let's see them in short. Poster is placed on mdf of about 3mm width. Then a special glue is applied on top of the poster, on which lamination is then placed. Now, we have a set of LAMINATION + (GLUE +) POSTER + MDF. This set is then pressed while also heated in a vacuum. Final product is a fully protected poster. In fornt we have lamination, behind we have mdf.

Now, we can frame it without the need of glass, but with the following advantages.

  1. Product is extremmelly lighter, due to the lack of glass, and surrounding frame has less weight to support.
  2. Final product is more secure, duw to the lach of glass which can break when falling or hitting.
  3. Poster will never fall and will be steady through out the time.
  4. Poster is fully protected against moisture and dust.
  5. You can clean more easilly without any further concern.


Types of lamination


Ideal for places with intense or multidirected light while it decreases glare effect.


Linen lamination can be used only in plain posters and can protect it from scratches and moisture or sun light. It adds an artistic tone, as it simulates canvas texture. However, it remains a plastic lamination and not canvas.


Increases contrast. Ideal for various displays with without intense light.


Glass selection, matt or plain

Frame can have plain glass or matt one. Only with glass you have the ability to add also paper matt. Create you new poster now! All capabilities have been implemented within our website.