Package delivery safety

We package all orders with product safety in mind, before worldwide shipment. Packaging is based in multiple layers of protection in order to avoid scratches or bumps during travelling. In case of any flaw, please don't hesitate to contact us at At all times, please keep initial packaging material till you are fully satisfied with our product.


Personalised services

We are here to answer any inquiry or discuss any concern you may have for our products and services. Afterwards, we can carry on with your order. With our personall care, and unique quality of our products we target your full satisfaction. With Artivity, you can always be sure. Your wall is our inspiration. We see your needs through your eyes. We can both hear you and listen to you. This is what we call full package of satisfaction, quality products, human interaction that you can only find here in ARTIVITY!


Quality of service

Within our lab, we have what we need to produce best results. Our success is based on:

  • Experienced personnel
  • Love for art
  • Top of line equipment


Production time

A time window of about 3 to 8 working days are neccessary to finiliase your order. Upon completion, order is packaged securely and dispatched to your location. Multiple layers of protection hold your frame, canvas or poster to avoid scraches and bumps.